1. What is the Xpats Gateway?
2. How to login to Xpats Gateway?
3. Can an Employer apply for the Support Letter via Xpats Gateway without an ESD account?
4. Can I request for a Support Letter physically from the respective Agencies?
5. Do all expatriates require a Support Letter from the Agencies?
6. Must all applications under MDECs purview be submitted through the Xpats Gateway?
7. Will the expatriate application be automatically approved once the Employer received the Support Letter?
8. What are the documents required to apply for the Support Letter?
9. How to check the status of the Support Letter?
10. Who is the decision maker for the Support Letter?
11. Is a Support Letter required for Professional Visit Pass (PVP) applications?
12. What is company tiering?
13. What type of company falls under Fast Track and Normal Track?
14. What is the Support Letter processing charter time?
15. What is critical sector?
16. How can I view my company tiering?
17. The Primary Sector or Agency which was selected is incorrect. Who should I contact if I want to change the information?
18. If I am unsure of my Primary Sector or Agency, who should I contact to obtain the information?
19. I have received a Support Letter via Xpats Gateway. What is the next step?
20. What is the validity of the Support Letter?
21. Can we use the same Support Letter for the pass renewal?
22. Is there any quota/-projection to apply for Support Letter per Employer?
23. Is there any cooling period to re-apply if the application is Not Supported?
24. Is there any limitation to re-apply the Support Letter if the application has not been supported?
25. If the Support Letter application is Not Supported, can I proceed for an appeal?
26. How do I cancel the Support Letter application in Xpats Gateway?
27. If my company is not under the purview of any Agency, do I need to apply for a Support Letter?
28. If I still have a valid Support Letter granted before 15 June 2023, do I need to apply the Support Letter?
29. Do I need prior approval from the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia and MYFutureJobs PERKESO for Support Letter?
30. If there is any issue, to whom do we contact for any assistance/ support/ inquiries?